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Welcome to our sustainability section.

CyberShield donates 800

In early September 2023, Christian and Adela were in the Somiedo National Park in the Cantabrian Mountains in Spain. There, they met with Roberto Hartasánchez, the president of the NGO FAPAS (Fondo para la Protección de los Animales Salvajes).

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Clean Up – Actions 2023

On April 20, 2023, we reported in the newsletter: Improperly disposed of, rather than properly discarded, litter pollutes the environment—such as the soil.

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Premiere: Cybershield donates older IT equipment to Labdoo.

It is a sad reality that electronic devices, both in production and disposal, do not have the best ecological and social footprint.

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Interview on the "Practical IT security" workshop

On Friday, June 16, 2023, CyberShield conducted a workshop for the computer science students of the 10th grade at a high school in Baden-Württemberg for the first time.

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These are the most beautiful photos of Mauer

Mauer. (ugl) For three months, citizens of Mauer were able to submit one picture each on the subject of "Favourite places and beautiful motifs in Mauer". For the second Mauer photo competition, initiator Adela...

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Earth Day

Earth Day is being celebrated today with this year's theme "Living in harmony with nature". CyberShield has also been committed to sustainable work and business practices from the very beginning. In doing so...

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World Water Day 2023

Sustainable issues are close to CyberShield's heart. In our last internal newsletter, we already reported on the important topic of "water" and the "sustainable use of water". Beyond the global problems,...

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News about the WIN-Charta project

CyberShield signed the WIN Charter for the first time in 2022. This voluntary commitment is about various sustainable points that we want to implement as a company. You can find our target concept in the article below....

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Project for more sustainability

We at CyberShield know that: The topic of "sustainability" is often about conserving resources - how nice if it is also easy on the wallet - as is the case with electricity consumption. In the...

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