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Premiere: Cybershield donates older IT equipment to Labdoo.

It is a sad reality that electronic devices do not have the best environmental and social footprint, both in production and disposal. As an OT Security company, laptops, screens etc. are the basis for us to be able to do our important work. Accordingly, we cannot do without them. For this reason, CyberShield endeavours to conserve resources, e.g. by using the devices for as long as possible. But at some point, the time comes when we have to part with some devices. This is where Labdoo comes in: Labdoo ( 

Because it is also a sad reality that not every child in the world has the same opportunities for education. Labdoo is a global network of volunteer helpers that enables children to participate digitally at home and abroad by donating laptops or tablets with educational software. The IT donations reach their destination in a CO2-neutral way via flight sponsors or are brought back for repair or recycling. 

On 1 July 2023, CyberShield handed over 3 devices to Heinrich Wegener from Labdoo for the first time. 

We are happy to reduce the carbon footprint of the respective devices through prolonged use and also to enable or simplify access to (modern) education for children. 

Hey you! Do you have an old but usable laptop lying around unused at home? Think about whether you would like to give it a second life and also give some children access to digital education. 

If you are already planning your next trip: perhaps you would like to support Labdoo as a flight sponsor: 

Many small people in many small places doing many small things can change the face of this world.


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